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If you as a Christian have been convinced by the teachings of men, or have judged the truth of God based on what you have seen unlearned or corrupt men do in the name of the Lord, you make a grave mistake. There is a real Spirit of God that still works in power and produces great and powerful miracles, signs and wonders. This is the same Spirit that produces righteous and holy works in and through the servants of God. I have lived long enough to see the works of men who claim they do this work through the Spirit of God when it was nothing more than the emotions run wild; and I have also seen men completely deny the power of the Spirit based on the abuse they have witnessed, and I have seen those who in an effort to expose the works of men, teach doctrines that attribute the works of The Spirit of God to either Satan or men. Beware My Friends!

God Is Love

The Love of God is mentioned in Matthew 24:12-13 (12) And because iniquity shall abound, the love of many shall wax cold. (13) But he that shall endure unto the end, the same shall be saved. (But sadly it speaks of many Christians who will reject the Love of God due to their love of iniquity).

we must love like God

The Fruit Of The Spirit

The display of God’s love is a decision, just like every other thing the Word of God commands us to do. The following event is an example of what God can accomplish in the lives of his children when we choose obedience to his commands. This event took place one day as I was assisting a food give away at a Church. The line was long, probably 150 or so souls. As I looked upon the crowd the Spirit of God singled out a man and told me to minister to him. From the moment I began to minister to this man until the very end, I was in The Spirit, the physical world around me changed. It was as though I was standing in a world where all was eternal. I was in The Spirit.

As I began to minister to this man I became aware of his large size, and recalled that he and his dozen or so friends were the ones who had arrived on motorcycles. After a few moments the first blow to the head came, as he shouted he began beating me, blow after blow, he was pounding me to the ground. After a short time I found myself on the pavement looking up at him through eyes covered in blood.

I could see the smile on his face as he gloried in his victory over the man of God, I looked at the rest of his gang and seen a complete shock on their faces. I then turned my focus back to the one who had beaten me, everything was about to change. As our eyes met a love so deep and powerful began to flow from me, I seen his pain, his suffering, his broken and hard heart. I began to weep.

I then spoke and said to this man, look at this body you have utterly broken, now understand this, what you have done here to a man this day does not even begin to compare to what Jesus Christ suffered at the hands of men, he was broken, his blood was shed, he died and was resurrected to heal the breach between fallen men and God. This man finally began to cry, he received the Lord that day. God accomplished this through this fruit of the Spirit we call love.

There is one more part to this, my Pastor told me later that he had watched the entire event from his upstairs window. As it began he tried to come to my rescue but his office door was jammed and he could not open it. When the Lord had finished his work the door of his office opened.

This is what we have all inherited as Christian’s, but it is up to each individual to make the choice to not only live in The Spirit but to also walk in Him. This fruit of the Spirit operates separately from the fallen nature of man, men almost always look upon others in their sin-riddled flesh and pass judgement upon them, it seems it is easier to judge others than it is to judge ourselves.

Men who claim great faith, men who are self righteous, men who lay claim to great knowledge, stand behind a wall that separates them from the truth of themselves, they are great at seeing the shortcomings of others but at the same time are unable to see their own. Before we can offer help to others the very first principle we must learn is to open our eyes to the truth of our own failures. It is when we do this that we learn that any good thing we do is fueled by the Spirit of God, we can then reach out to our brothers and sisters in this knowledge of the real truth and by the hand of God show them a better way.

Even as late as yesterday I was attacked by someone who told an absolute lie about me, the purpose of the lie was to separate my children from me. The lie was totally insane and it did shock me when I heard it, this person said that I was a bad influence because I was a racist. I have always had friends of many colors, I have also ministered in many Denominations that are predominantly not my color.

This is an example of someone who is so deep into the flesh that all they can see is everyone else while all along unable to see themselves. This lie did not prosper as my children know I have friends of many colors, and color to me is not the color of the skin, it is the color of the heart.


Things are never as they appear on the surface. For God to eventually use me for His ultimate purpose He had to first strip everything from me. After this stripping He began a process of ripping, He ripped out my soul, a painful process that took several decades. And finally at His appointed time, He dipped me.

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