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The truth about The Mask of The Beast and COVID-19 will shock you, as most Christians live a life in total fear of the COVID-19 Virus they are so scared they cannot hear the still small voice of God that is screaming the truth, that this is all total deception. I am not surprised one bit by the reactions we are seeing by so many in the Churches, it is no secret that most Churches were taken over decades ago by leaders who serve the flesh rather than God.

The current Church structure of Denominations began their formation over 500 years ago when Martin Luther wrongly divided The Word of Truth and began to teach a Gospel that removed Salvation Scriptures out of the original context in which they were written. This error by Martin Luther planted a seed that has produced the fruit of separation which is now evidenced by so many divisions we call Denominations. When man separates Scripture from the whole truth the fruit it produces will be separation.

08/14/2020 Latest COVID-19 Update, Click this text to scroll to new info

The Truth About COVID Masks

the mask of the beast

COVID-19 Mask, Or Mask Of The Beast

Are you enjoying your new totalitarian States where the gods of COVID reign supreme? Where the Left & Right Wing Globalists use great deceit to imprison your minds and cause such a fear that you will not even dare to shout songs of praise to your creator? Yes, you are in prison even if you are blind to this fact, you have subjected yourselves to the decrees of Governors who have sold their souls to the devil.

These masks are not for your safety or the safety of those around you, they are a token of your willing submission to your dictators. Simply put, these masks are conditioning the minds of men to willingly justify a more cruel event that will soon take place globally, The Mark of The Beast.

In my opinion the greatest threat during the COVID-19 Virus outbreak is not the virus itself, it is the trust level of every single political figure on the Left & Right. For decades the Left & Right have tried to destroy America, they have even made backroom deals with the Chinese Government and others.

So now they expect us to believe them when it comes to COVID-19!!! Never going to happen!

Most of us have known something is very wrong with the numbers of cases being reported, hospitals make a small fortune to diagnose the virus, then they make a big pile of money for simply stating a patient died from COVID-19. It is the nature of humans to lie, now add to that lie a fat payday and you have a recipe for corruption.

I have personally had two nurses and one Doctor (see update down the page) tell me that these numbers are not reflective of the truth, it is all hyped up. I also know of a community of thousands who have never worn these masks and there has never been a COVID-19 case, period!

Now take the short 49 minutes and listen to Tammy K. Herrema Clark, she will set you straight about these Masks of The Beast.

Mark these words: When COVID moves on there will arise another, then another, and yet another reason to continue our submission to our mortal gods.

COVID-19 Update

This COVID-19 Update Is From My Personal Firsthand Knowledge, It’s A Real Eye-opener


August 6, 2020: I went to Bakersfield, CA. for the purpose of speaking to the homeless population about the COVID-19 Virus. I chose this group because their living conditions make them very vulnerable to not only COVID-19 but a long list of other illnesses.

I travelled arount the city to question several groups, what I learned didn’t shock me because I had already received the same report from a handful of other homeless men and women.

I first asked them if they had noticed an increase of illness or death in the homeless population. Every group I encountered gave the same response, they hadn’t seen an outbreak of any illness, and the death rate had not really increased, like always they had seen a few of their friends die from heroin and fake oxycodone.

The next question was more direct, I asked the homeless men and women if they knew of anyone living on the streets that have contracted the COVID-19 Virus, or have died from the Virus. They all responded with the same answers, no, they knew of nobody that had the Virus, and none that had died from it.

If that isn’t enough to open your eyes read on.

What I Have Learned Firsthand From Doctors And Nurses Concerning COVID-19

I have now spoken to 6 Doctors and 8 Nurses concerning the COVID-19 Virus. I have learned several facts concerning the money the medical community receives from the federal government for the COVID-19 Virus.

  • The Doctor that admits a patient with the diagnosis of the COVID-19 Virus, receives a payment of $13,000.00 from the federal government.
  • The Hospital that puts a patient on a ventilator to treat the COVID-19 Virus receives $39,000.00 from the federal government.
  • The Nurse that administers the COVID test receives $200.00 if the result is positive, and $100.00 if the result is negative.

5 of the 6 Doctors I have personally spoken with about the COVID-19 Virus have told me that when the Virus first began the infected person would have it for 2 to 3 weeks. As of last week the average length of time the infected person has the COVID-19 Virus is 3 to 4 days.

All 6 Doctors and all the Nurses have told me that the Virus is real, however, the numbers of cases are being hyped up.

Since so many other illnesses produce so many of the same symptoms as COVID-19 it stands to reason that there are no doubt untold numbers of other illnesses that are being diagnosed as COVID-19.

This statement is straight from the CDC:

In cases where a definite diagnosis of COVID–19 cannot be made, but it is suspected or likely (e.g., the circumstances are compelling within a reasonable degree of certainty), it is acceptable to report COVID–19 on a death certificate as “probable” or “presumed.” In these instances, certifiers should use their best clinical judgement in determining if a COVID–19 infection was likely. However, please note that testing for COVID–19 should be conducted whenever possible.

COVID Corruption

So there you have it my friends, all a medical professional has to do is simply state they suspect the death was due to COVID-19. WOW! That sure opens a big door now doesn’t it? Medical professionals know for a fact that this system is indeed corrptable, but they tell us that we shouldn’t worry, we are professionals. OK buddy, how many people in powerful and high places have we seen over the past few years that have been corrupt?

Now in my opinion, it is hard for most to resist these riches placed before them.

God help us all!

There you have it, the Virus has weakened to the point that it will vanish soon.

Of course the real truth behind all that is going on in America and around the globe is the forming of The Kingdom of The Anti-christ.



Things are never as they appear on the surface. For God to eventually use me for His ultimate purpose He had to first strip everything from me. After this stripping He began a process of ripping, He ripped out my soul, a painful process that took several decades. And finally at His appointed time, He dipped me.

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