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Like my Father before me, I have spent my entire life speaking a message so unpopular that few choose to hear it. There is a difference between what my Father spoke, and what I speak though, dad warned of a time that was soon to come if the Christian’s in America did not repent and return to the God of our creation, the God of our Salvation. I speak to those who are living in the aftermath of rejecting the warning to repent and return to the God of creation, the God of our Salvation.

I grow so weary of hearing men speak of all the issues mankind faces today, they preach day and night about what the wicked are doing against us, then they tell us that all this knowledge of what the wicked are doing to us shall deliver us from the wicked plans against us. Some are even so bold to say, “Because of the information I share with you, we are winning.” Most of these speakers, and their hearers are totally blind to the fact that the wicked are not growing weaker, our liberties are not returning, and our plight is not lessened by their information overload.

The specific men and women I am speaking about are those who can’t see that the events taking place are not simply attacks of the wicked against those who walk in the light, those who walk in the Spirit, they can’t see it is God who has removed His hedge of protection that has allowed all of this.

There is a Word Jesus spoke to a group of Churches in Asia, just prior to the tribulation period that would eventually bring great persecution and and destruction. It is no mistake that just prior to the tribulation and great time of trouble, the message of Jesus to these Churches, was, repent.

And it was no mistake that my Father spoke this same message to those in his time, but that generation chose to continue on a path, that as promised, would soon lead to destruction. Look at the great drought, the great plauge, the great famine, the great war at hand, and the great apostasy is already in motion.

At a time when the people of God should be putting on The Armour of God, putting on The Lord Jesus Christ, walking in The Fruit of The Spirit, all in preparation to stand through this darkness, we instead are told to clothe ourselves in a garment of knowledge, the knowledge of what the wicked are doing. Putting our faith in this knowledge, supposing that this garment shall deliver us from the wicked ones.

The burden of being a slave to the wickedness around us has finally become too heavy for us to bear.

Will God wake us up, will we decide to follow Jesus who is trying to lead us out of the pit of wickedness that we have been so happily living in?

The table our enemy laid out before us appeared to be so innocent, we approached his table with the attitude that we were the master, but now, in the blink of an eye, the tables have turned. We now understand that we were not the masters of our wickedness, but the slaves.

Jesus, the Apostles, and Prophets, spoke of the Holy Spirit on this wise, when the Spirit has come to you, you will be filled with Living Water, this Living Water will flow out from you, everything it touches will be filled with life.

These also spoke of a Bitter Water, when partaken of, would flow out of us, and everything it touches, shall die. Whether it be the Living Water of The Spirit, or The Bitter Waters of Wickedness, both are witnessed by the fruit they produce. An honest man will look at our world today, and confess, our wickedness is clearly seen upon our land, our fruitful fields are vanishing, our life giving waters are vanishing, plauge upon plague is upon us, a great war is speedily approaching, and the majority of people on the earth that once had faith in our Savior Jesus have cast away their faith. Woe is us if we refuse to repent and return to the God of Creation, The God of our Salvation, Jesus Christ The Savior of The World.

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